Guest Wi-Fi

A guest Wi-Fi network provides a business’ customers,  with the convenience of Wi-Fi while keeping the business’ network separate and secure.

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Why Its Good For Your Business…

Guest Wi-Fi is a convenience many businesses want to offer their guest or customers, whether at no charge or for a fee. Retailers and restaurants, hotels and lodging, even enterprises that host on-site demos and contractors are seeking cost-effective solutions for guest Wi-Fi that address security and bandwidth issues.

If guests use the same network as the business and its employees, it can create new vulnerabilities and risks for malware and cyberattack. A guest network minimizes that concern by providing a unique SSID for guests. The guest password can be changed periodically to limit access to network and help keep guests’ devices and data secure.

Offer More Than Just Guest Wi-Fi – Offer an Experience

Make A Splash

Capture the attention of your customers with a splash page.  Your Guess Wi-Fi can take your customers to a splash page when they first log onto guest Wi-Fi. The first page users see can include information on current promotions, a calendar of events, or it can even give your merchant client the option to build some revenue by allowing vendors or partners to advertise there.

Some businesses may want to extend guest Wi-Fi outside the four walls to open-air dining areas, parking lots, or beyond. This provides an uptapped method of advertising as passers-by access the Guest Wi-Fi.  Encourage users of the system with a welcome message and get them to come inside with offers just for using the Wi-Fi.

Capture the Data

Your Guest Wi-Fi is a gateway to information.  Customers are using your system, why should you not get something in return?  Take this as an opportunity to capture guest Wi-Fi user information.

Add a form that users must complete so they can use guest Wi-Fi, providing information that merchants can add to their CRM systems. Other options include a social media “like gate” that requires the user to add/follow the business on social media before customer can access the internet. 

Turn Data Into Loyalty

One of the ways savvy businesses get clients to use their free Wi-Fi is by tying it their customer loyalty program. How does one become a loyalty member? By providing their personal information and signing up of course. Once the retailer has this info, it has a captive audience for loyalty building and marketing initiatives that it can launch via email, text and social media, such as trackable and redeemable coupons and personalized offers about new merchandise and services.

Analytics Is Always King

There’s lots of valuable customer data points that can be captured via the WLAN such as new and return visitor counts, how much time a patron spends at a particular part of the store, days and times patrons visit the store, etc. Capturing data and turning it into actionable information are two different things, however. Through our  data analytics reporting services, Relentless Solutions can help you make smarter business decisions about your customers.

Relentless: steady + persistent; unremitting

showing no abatement of intensity, strength or pace